Our Mission

The Mission is encompassed in three parts:

  • To INFORM the citizens of current projects taking place within the city
  • To SHOWCASE Phenix City’s current assets and local businesses/industries
  • To ENCOURAGE the local community to shop Phenix City first

Phenix City is a growing community of 33,000 at the eastern-most point of Alabama with a County (Russell) population of 52,000 residents. Although Phenix City has faced some adverse years (dating back prior to the early 1950’s), it has continued to be a wonderful place to grow a business and raise a family as backed by Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek article granting Phenix City as the “Nation’s #1 Affordable Suburb to Raise a Family” in 2007. Phenix City and Russell County have continued to stay on the move as Russell County was awarded the “Fastest Growing County (in Alabama) of 2012” at a 5% growth rate from July 2011 to July 2012. A large portion of this growth is due to the Base Realignment and Closure at Fort Benning. As Fort Knox closed their doors to the Armour School, Fort Benning and the surrounding areas gladly welcomed 22,000+ new residents – a good portion of which live in Phenix City/Russell County.

With the rapid growth and upcoming changes that are taking place in Phenix City, we want to be sure that the citizens are INFORMED of where these new developments that are taking place are located. As a part of this campaign, we will highlight these developments so that each citizen is aware of the positive growth and where it is taking place.

We also want to ENCOURAGE you to recognize the POSITIVE attributes Phenix City has to offer and continue to share with your friends, family and neighbors what you love about Phenix City. As Phenix City’s Mayor, Eddie Lowe, says so often, “For every negative thing you hear about Phenix City, tell them 10 positive things.” Discover what your 10+ positive things are and keep them with you at all times. We love Phenix City and we hope you do too!

As Phenix City continues to GROW, we want to place a challenge on the local community. EXPLORE what Phenix City has to offer and patronize and support local businesses, restaurants and attractions. They need our support to be successful. The City will continue to work hard at recruiting other businesses to help expand the tax base. However, there are many ways to spend your hard earned money right here in Phenix City today. Before you decide to leave Phenix City to make your purchases, think first, “Can I get this in Phenix City?” If so, we ENCOURAGE you to do so.

Stay plugged in to this campaign as it further develops and there becomes multiple ways to get involved. Thanks for supporting your community.