Calling all social media enthusiasts! Did you know Positively Phenix City is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? WE ARE, and we’re constantly posting great content for you to retweet and share!   To all of our fellow Facebook fanatics, Twitter junkies, and Instagram aficionados, we make it overwhelmingly simple to stay up to date with […]

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Youth Sports Complex Pool

Forecast: HOT

“You’re saying it’s going to stay hot like this for a while?!” We can’t make any promises and we don’t personally know Mother Nature to ask, but we’re getting that feeling. Well, it’s more of a strong suspicion, coupled with 132 years of experience. Fear not. We’re here to save your day. We’ll even stretch […]

Food Truck Park Comes to Phenix City!

Have you heard?!? Phenix City now has a FOOD TRUCK PARK!! Here’s the deal, people: “StompinGrounds Food Truck Park is the FIRST of its kind in the entire Chattahoochee Valley, and we make it impossibly easy to locate your next mobile meal. Phenix City has welcomed this new taste bud trend with open mouths and […]

StompinGrounds Food Truck Park