Forecast: HOT

“You’re saying it’s going to stay hot like this for a while?!”

We can’t make any promises and we don’t personally know Mother Nature to ask, but we’re getting that feeling.

Well, it’s more of a strong suspicion, coupled with 132 years of experience.

Fear not.

We’re here to save your day.

We’ll even stretch that out to say: we’re here to save your summer!

That’s just how awesome our Parks and Recreation amenities are.

Check it out:

Phenix City has a plethora of fun activities to do throughout the summer.*** Whether it’s taking a dip in the community pools or running (carefully) through the whimsical splash pad forests, we have you covered. Have a look!


How cool? Literally.



*** Note: we have fun activities all year long, but this #NewsFlash is geared towards helping you cool off. You should consider checking back often to learn even more about our fun-having city!